Purple Metallic Toe Stop Bolts, Pair

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(This listing is for the BOLTS only!) BOLD BOLTS! Colorful metallic screws for bolt-on style toe stops

・Sold in Pairs 

・Color: Metallic Purple

・Material: Electroplated Steel

・Thread Size: 5/16"

・Threads per Inch: 18 UNC

·Standard Long Stem Length:  1-1/8" (for use with bolt-on toe stops) 

NOTE: Colors are achieved through electroplating, a process which creates an even layer of metal coating on the surface of the bolts by means of electrical current. Although this is a much higher quality of color application than paint or other superficial finishes, customers should be mindful when using tools to tighten or remove the bolts, as metal-on-metal contact can still cause scratches and cosmetic damage to the coloring. 

Rollerstuff is not responsible for any minor wear and tear that may occur during shipping.