Possible Customs/Import Charges

International customers: keep in mind that taxes on imported goods will vary by country and you may have to pick up your package from customs. Customers are responsible for any customs charges that may apply. Please be familiar with these policies as they apply in your country before placing your order.


In-Transit Packages

I cannot refund orders that are still in transit, just because their delivery is delayed or the tracking updates are not as frequent as preferred. Packages such as this are still on their way and will still be delivered. If you would like to return your order once received, I’m happy to take it back and process the return for store credit in the amount of the items ordered.


International Tracking Updates & Delays

International customers please note that the step between leaving the distribution location in the United States and being scanned/updated in the recipient country is usually the longest one in the delivery process, as the package must travel from the U.S. to the destination country, be delivered to the proper location at customs, wait in the queue to be processed by the customs department, physically be assessed and approved by a customs agent, then released to be scanned for the next update.