MAGIC SK8 BALL Skate-Themed Fortune Teller Ball

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Skate-themed version of the classic fortune telling ball!

20 DIFFERENT ANSWERS: All of which can apply to Roller Skating, Skateboarding AND Inline Skating!

INVERTED COLORS: White instead of black because we skaters love our inverts, duh!

FOR ALL AGES: Lots of skate-related puns, all are G-rated answers for good, clean roller fun!

・4-inch (10cm) Diameter
・Standard, full-size magic 8 ball
・Purple dice display (instead of the typical dark blue)
・White ball w/ black graphics
・Tiny flying roller skate hiding in the 8!

First of its kind and 100% original. The most unique skate-related gift you'll find for any skate person in your life! Because nobody *doesn't* like silly puns and childhood memories.

Perfect for that skater who already has all the gear and accessories, and those hard-to-buy-for skaters... I guarantee they won't have one of these!