DIY RADnuts, Roller Skate Bearing Protectors (Set of 4)

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DIY RADnuts, Roller Skate Bearing Protectors (Set of 4)

RADnuts are innovative and fashionable bearing protective accessories to be installed on the wheels of your roller skates (or skateboard). RADnuts are lightweight and don't affect your ride at all. They are made of a locknut welded inside a sturdy plastic body making the whole assembly nearly indestructible. A special tool is delivered in each pack to screw and unscrew the RADnuts.


If you a want unique and personalized set of RADnuts, the DIY custom pack is for you. It includes 4 blanks RADnuts ready to be painted, engraved, or otherwise customized however you choose, + 1 RADnuts tool.

Don't forget to post pictures and tag #RADnuts - I can't wait to see everyone's creations!

RADnuts are compatible with most wheels 59mm and larger; best fit with wheels 38mm wide or wider. Note: unfortunately not compatible with Moxi's outdoor gummy wheels :(