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Special Edition: RAINBOW IRIDESCENT Red Suede Toe Caps

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SPECIAL EDITION for the 2019 Holiday Season: Suede Toe Caps featuring RAINBOW IRIDESCENT Hardware

Set of two velvety suede toe caps complete with metal eyelets and special edition iridescent rivets along the seams. Durable metal hardware holding everything together - not sewn - no thread to unravel or bust apart after a gnarly wipeout. Built to last.

YES, these toe caps are an exact match to the Moxi “Poppy” Red suede



Rivets are specially treated to get their iridescent, oil-stick style coloring. Each piece is coated with a specific compound mix, then exposed to a chemical process which causes an oxidation-like reaction to occur to the metal, giving it a unique and colorful finish.  

Because of the additional treatment process required, these rivets are not cheap! (but certainly are pretty!) Their iridescent finish is basically like magic (even though its actually created with real science #yayscience!) - somehow it magically matches every single color it's put next to. There isn't a shade of suede it doesn't coordinate with!

Due to the expensive hardware, these toe caps have a higher price tag and are being made in very small batches. Very limited quantities of each color and size will be available.