Bright Red Suede w/ Metallic Polka Dots Roller Skate Toe Caps / Toe Guards (Pair)

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Bright Red Suede w/ Metallic Polka Dots Roller Skate Toe Caps, set of two.

Note that this suede is a bit thinner and coated with a back coating for more stiffness. Bright red suede toe caps covered in silver metallic polka dots. Complete with nickel eyelets and silver rivets along the seams. Durable metal hardware holding everything together - not sewn - no thread to unravel or bust apart after a gnarly wipeout.

Yes, just like any material, with repeated wear & tear these will eventually scuff up and the polka dots will rub off. That’s life. However, if you are mindful of how rough you’re being with them, the longer they will stay pretty!